Relax whilst I tell you about - relaxin!

Its role? To relax the bodies ligaments (no seriously, I'm not making it up)!

Relaxin helps the pelvis and joint surfaces to separate allowing more space for the growing baby and the all important exit during labour! Amazing right? I know!

Problem is - relaxin doesn't just confine its magic to the areas the pregnant body requires. Oh no! Relaxin spreads the love to pretty much all tissue in the body! Fingers, back, hips, knees, ankles.....everywhere! And, it sticks around long after your baby is born! Especially if you are breast feeding.

So, be aware - do not over stretch, when exercising or otherwise. You will think you can because you have a greater range of movement but really you could just be giving yourself long term issues.

Be kind to your body. It just created a human!