Postnatal Body? What about your Postnatal mind?

So, you're about 6 weeks postnatal. Your GP says you're all good but you're still peeing yourself involuntarily! You reckon you could probably sleep standing up and despite your best efforts, the house has started to smell like poo nappies!

Amid the chaos, it is really important to just take a moment for yourself. I'm not talking about getting your hair or nails done (although if you do manage to get either of those done so early on that is definitely a life win)!

I'm talking about taking a moment to assess your mental health.....

Are you feeling at all:

  • Sad?

  • Low?

  • Worthless?

  • Hopeless about the future?

  • Anxious?

  • Angry?

  • Guilty?

  • Hostile or indifferent to your husband or partner?

And more importantly.....

  • hostile or indifferent to your baby?

Are you unable to:

  • Concentrate?

  • Sleep?

  • Eat?

  • Have sex?

  • Think about 'going on'?

Whilst some of these things - lack of concentration, sleep, sex - are all perfectly normal, (you've just had a baby, you probably think you're never having sex again!) it's still important to mention them to your may have developed Postnatal Depression or PND as its commonly known.

You are not a failure, you haven't let anyone down and you definitely should not be embarrassed. Postnatal depression is an illness and you need to get help.

Mental HealthLucie Walker