Pelvic Floor - the slow twitch muscle.

As previously mentioned, the Pelvic floor is made up of two different types of muscle which mean you want to do two different types of Pelvic Floor exercise - one fast and one slow.

Pelvic Floor exercises can be done in any position, at any time. If you have a particularly weak Pelvic Floor, start these exercises whilst laying down and progress to standing or sitting.


  • Legs slightly apart. If laying down, legs are also bent.

  • Draw up the back passage - as if to stop yourself passing wind!

  • Draw up the front passage - as if to stop yourself weeing!

  • Squeeze

  • Try to hold for 10 seconds (if you can’t do this at first, don’t worry. Build up to it)

  • Release

  • Rest - give yourself another 10 seconds

  • Repeat

  • Give yourself a target - see if you can squeeze, release, rest and repeat…..10 times a day!

Don’t forget to wear your ‘pelvic floor’ face. You know, the one that makes you look like you’re trying to remember if you left the iron on!

Lucie Walker