Baby Blues

So, you've spent the last 9 months in a constant state of nerves and excitement....will everything be OK? Can't wait to push my baby in the pram! What about the birth? I just want to give them cuddles!

Now the baby is here, hurragh! The birth is done, phew! and you finally get to have a cuddle, arrrgh! So, you should be happy.....right?!?!

Cue.......the 'baby blues'.

That (thankfully) brief period that starts, really inconveniently, right around the time you start to feel like you might actually be able to get out of your pajamas! About three to 10 days after giving birth, it affects most new mum's and leaves them crying over literally everything and anything.

Don't panic! - It's all natural!

You've just created and birthed a human being for crying out loud! As if that wasn't enough, you're hormonal, you're exhausted and you're coping with a lot of new stuff that there is literally no manual for!

I know it feels like right now, you will never be the same again but the 'baby blues' won't last long.

Give yourself a break, you're doing great!