We all know we are supposed to do more exercise. But exercise is so boring, right?……Wrong?!

Step aside dull, repetitive, boring, group exercise classes. Sweat to the Beat is in town!

Brainchild of Lucie Walker, avid exercise enthusiast and group exercise instructor:

‘I was never really a fan of going to the gym. I felt intimidated by all the weights and people just trying to look their best on a treadmill. Give me a gym studio class any day! Give me sweat, smiles and music!

That’s how I know Sweat to the Beat classes are not boring, I’ve attended enough group exercise classes in my time to know!’

Sweat to the Beat provides classes that are fun, motivational, and cater for all abilities. Workout to good music, get those endorphins going, reduce stress levels. Exercise isn’t just about the physical health, its about your mental and social health too.

A complete mind and body workout.

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